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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Acid Tongue

Short on time and inspiration today so something relatively simple.
Yesterday's featuring of Jonathan Rice had me reaching for Acid Tongue the 2008 second solo album by her (former?) other half Jenny Lewis.
This time round the former Rilo Kiley front woman is not joined by The Watson Twins but a number of other artist feature including Elvis Costello, Zooey Deschannel, Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes and perhaps not surprisingly Mr Rice himself who co-produces the album and who co-writes a number of the songs.

Jenny Lewis - The Next Messiah

Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Burnt Offerings 16

That's us half way through the series and today we feature the first and probably the last jazz option.
Ella Fitzgerald and possibly Chet Baker are the nearest I'm ever likely to get to jazz.
Ella can also do the Blues but here she is in a more up tempo mood with Let's Kiss and Make Up

Ella Fitzgerald - Let's Kiss and Make Up

Fact's about Razorlight

  • Lead singer Johnny Borrell is a twat of almost Bono-esque proportions
  • The only time I ever saw them live at King Tuts they were completely blown away by the support act The Raveonettes
  • I have their debut album Up All Night which you frequently see in charity shops
  • In the Morning is actually a reasonably good song 

I saw Jonathan Rice support Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins. I suspect he got the gig as he is romantically linked to Ms Lewis . Indeed they frequently play and record together as Jenny and Johnny.
This song is taken from his 2005 debut album  Trouble is Real.
It is only now whilst doing my usual extensive research that I remember him mentioning that he spent his childhood alternating between Virginia and Glasgow where he attended school in Bishopbriggs

More assorted nonsense next week

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

More from The Litoral

Where George waxes lyrical about Portuguese showermats

We recently had a city break, two nights in a post-industrial city about 2 hours drive from our little seaside town. Once the sardine capital of the world (the city not our town). Nice little hotel, central location, near to many bars, cafes and restaurants, including a vegetarian cafe that does a great lunch for 9.50 euros, for which you get a natural fruit juice, soup, main dish and a dessert, vegan options available. There’s also a very good Indian restaurant. Anyway, I was having a shower in the hotel, having a little sing to myself – Nice One, Cyril as you ask (I  substitute my name for Cyril) , and no, I wasn’t gazing admiringly at any part of my anatomy at the time– and I thought this is a great shower mat, better than the ones we have at home”. And it was, nice and rubbery, a good grip on the bath surface, and pleasing to the foot. Yes, such are the things that occupy my mind, after all that schooling, the years spent in Higher Education, the research, the teaching, and I’m thinking how good the shower mat is. Our first one in the town house was a bit plasticky, a bit hard, and also, a bit slippy, so not really fit for purpose. Its replacement grips the bath well, has a slightly abrasive surface, quite comfortable on the feet, not at all slippy, but certainly not as good as the one in our hotel. In the groundfloor shower room in the town house and  at the farm,  we have what can only be described as  poor man’s versions of THM (The Hotel Mat), good surface grip, rubbery, but a bit thin. And having just read that description, I’m sure there’s joke in there.
And of course I got to thinking about shower songs, songs that I sing in the shower and also songs that are about showers, or include the word shower. And yes, for some reason, Nice One Cyril is a regular, as is the theme tune to the old tv series Rupert The Bear. Having typed that, I think my good friend and host of this blog might be contacting a doctor or two at his psychiatric hospital and passing on my name......especially when I add that I substitute my name in both the above songs, it scans nicely if I use a slightly childlike derivation of my first name.

Somewhere in the Music Room I’ve got a 1980s song called Singing In The Shower, it’s on one of the 190 or so Peel Tapes, but I can’t find it. But there is this splendid honky-tonk country song from  the 12CD box set Life’s Like Poetry by Lefty Frizzell:

And the title of that song puts me in mind of the rather crude phrase Shit, Shower, Shave, which then reminds me of something I heard at a football match at Vale Park in the late 1980s. This is true. A bloke in front of me turned to who I assume was his mate and said “ey up, after the match, I’m going to go home, have a mixed grill, a good wank, and then go out”.

And finally. On this day in 1944 Michael Volker Kogel was born, in Berlin. He moved to Spain and was in a band called Los Bravos, and this is their most famous song. (It was later criminally covered by La Belle Epoque):

Next week: Why my red ShoeFayre slippers are not as good as my Coronation Street ones.

Monday, 24 April 2017

The One and Only

Oh behave yourselves - you are not, repeat not getting Chesney Hawkes.
No rather the recent posts by Swiss Adam and The Swede celebrating the return of Peter Perrett had me dusting down my meagre Only Ones section (all two of them) for the first time in while.
As Adam highlighted it is obligatory for all blogs to feature one the the greatest songs of all time Another Girl, Another Planet.
I ticked that box a while back so to show that they were no one-trick pony here are a couple more from Peter and his pals.

The Only Ones - The Whole of the Law

The Only Ones - No Peace For the Wicked

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Iggy Pop - 70 Years Young

I was listening to 6 Music on Friday night (21st April ) when Iggy Pop came on to do his show with the announcement that it was his 70th birthday. He announced that he shared the date with Robert Smith of The Cure who has just turned 58 and some wifey called  Betty Windsor who is now 91. I don't have any of her records.
At one stage you wouldn't have put money on Iggy reaching 50 never mind 70.However, he still appears fighting fit and has maintained his inner child and indeed a great taste in music.

Long may he reign over us.

Iggy Pop -Real Wild Child

The Cure - The Love Cats

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Springsteen Covered - Factory

In the end a fairly convincing victory by Bruce over Johnny Cash with their respective versions of Johnny 99. I suspect that it may well have been different had The Man in Black been on the top of his game.
Generally agreed that both have recorded much better.
Bruce is now building a somewhat commanding lead with the score now The Boss 5 The Rest 2.
Can he be stopped and will this week's offering narrow the gap?

It is our first visit to Darkness on the Edge of Town with Springsteen's blue collar anthem Factory.
The cover version was not originally on my radar when I mooted this series put it popped up the other day when I was listening to Lucinda Williams latest album The Ghosts of Highway 20.
I'm a massive Lucinda fan and no-one does a dirge better than her so it is Lucinda for me this week.

Others. of course, may choose to differ

Bruce Springsteen - Factory

Lucinda Williams - Factory

Friday, 21 April 2017


Katie Crutchfield who goes by the nom de plume Waxahatchee has a new album called Out in the Storm coming out soon.
I've seen it advertised for 23 quid for a vinyl copy or 34 quid for the deluxe double album version.
Given that this represents about half my annual record buying budget you will just have to settle for a couple of tracks from her excellent third album from 2015  Ivy Tripp
The band are named after Waxahatchee Creek in Alabama with the word deriving from the Muskogee language one of the languages spoken in the Creek Nation (now Georgia and Alabama) Here is a more detailed explanation

For some reason my burning software has not recogised the media content so this may come up on your screens as unknown. Apologies.

Waxahatchee- Under a Rock

Waxahatchee - Summer of Love