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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Nostalgia - It Ain't What it Used to Be

Another keeper from my recent windfall is The Ultimate Collection by the Kinks.
I've posted some of their 60's stuff before from a vinyl compilation to great acclaim.
It was released however before 1982's Come Dancing their first UK top 20 hit in 11 years.
Written by Ray Davis in memory of his sister Rene who died of a heart attack while dancing at a dance hall.
On the back of this hit the followed up with Don't Forget to Dance which was not nearly so successful.

Ray has recently been knighted so arise Sir Ray. This begs the question. What about the rest of Muswell Hill's finest. Why not Sir Dave and indeed Sir Pete and Sir Mick?

The Kinks - Come Dancing

The Kinks - Don't Forget to Dance

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Springsteen Covered - Hungry Heart

We are away for a few days so I penned this earlier in the week.
At the time of writing Brucie was to my surprise holding a narrow lead over Bowie with It's Hard Being a Saint in the City.
The scores therefore are now The Boss 2 The Rest 1. If there is a late surge of votes for Mr Bowie then clearly this will be reversed.
I like the interactiveness of this series. There is the comments and the voting along with suggestions of other versions of the song featured.
In week one Drew shared Camera Obscura's version of Tougher than the Rest.
This week I am featuring Hungry Heart our first trip to The River. The great Ernie Goggins legendary surfer of the zeitgeist has weighed in by forwarding me not one but two versions - one by Lucy Wainwright Roche and an ever so slightly bonkers version (Ernie's words) by Swamp Dogg.
Given that how could I not feature Mr Jerry Williams Jr?
Who's got a wife and  kids in Baltimore, Jack ? and indeed who has taken a wrong turn and just kept going?

I'm going for the Dogg - bonkers but brilliant.
Others, as always, may choose to disagree.

Bruce Springsteen - Hungry Heart

Swamp Dogg - Hungry Heart

Friday, 24 March 2017

Disco Friday

Recently I've been going through a stage of listening to compilation CD's on my way to and from work.
One day last week I got stuck in some major roadworks on the A725 at the Shawhead Flyover near Coatbridge.
For just over 10 minutes  this song (on a CD of downloads from George) made the interminable journey a lot more bearable.

Burn baby burn! Disco inferno!

The Trammps - Disco Inferno

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Some Twisted Portuguese Post Punk Garage

A guest contribution from George our Portuguese Canine Flatulence Correspondent

Have you ever been woken by the smell of a dog’s fart? No? Well, I have. I’m lying there, slowly aware of this all encompassing smell, it’s clinging to the sheets and duvet, MAN ALIVE what have those dogs been eating????? (offal, rice, chicken fat, the occasional cat shit, as you ask).
I was relating this to a friend here, but did not know the Portuguese for fart, so I had to say “there was a bad smell from the bottom of the dog” (há um cheiro muito mau de rabo do cão – this was as close as I could get, but I learnt that I could have said “houve um peido do cão com o muito cheiro”)

I have no idea if today’s featured artists have written a song about the above topic. Track 6 from the album Stranded Downtown by The Twist Connection could be, but I doubt it. And of course, you’re not getting track 6 but track 2, Nite Shift. The album is available on Bandcamp for about 5 euros.  There is a connection to the previously featured A Jigsaw, both bands are from Coimbra (a city about half-way between Lisbon and Porto), A Jigsaw seemed to have helped produce Stranded Downtown, but there are no musical similarities, The Twist Connection have a sort of post-punk / garage sound.  Having played today’s track you might think my description is lacking.

Now buy the album.
And on this day in 1944 one Tony McPhee was born, founding member of late 60s/70s british blues-rock band The Groundhogs. This song was number the Lebanon

Enjoy the music.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Burnt Offerings 11

Week 11 and now officially more than a third of the way through the series.
We start this week with a Canadian who sports a fine beard and a fine band.
Cam Penner started out with his band The Gravel Road although they are now billed as Cam Penner and Jon Wood.
Rye Whiskey is taken from his/their 3rd album from 2005 Felt Like a Saturday Night when they were still billed as Cam Penner & the Gravel Road and is a splendid slice of Americana.

Cam Penner & the Gravel Road - Rye Whiskey

Elvis Perkins is an American folk rock artist and is the son of actor Anthony Perkins (of Psycho fame) and photographer Berry Berenson
While You Were Sleeping is the opening tack from his first (of three) album(s) Ash Wednesday which was released in 2007.
He becomes the third Elvis to feature on these pages.

After that brief hiatus we return to the the theme of alcohol with the psychobilly trio The Reverend Horton Heat a band fronted by Jim Heath
Liquor, Beer & Wine is one of their more restrained numbers and is taken from their third album from 1994 Liquour in the Front
The band describe their music as couuntry-fed punkabilly  and this song neatly fits that bill

The dozenth dose of assorted nonsense next Wednesday if you can bear it

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Won't You Help to Sing These Songs of Freedom

One of the albums from my recent windfall which is getting kept is Legend by Bob Marley and the Wailers.
One that I suspect that I had at one stage - on cassette at the very least.
14 songs that  you will all be familiar with and every one a classic in it's own way
Ranked at number 46 in Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums of All Time and one which has sold a staggering estimated 25 million copies.
This song, originally from Uprising is rather special and also gives me an excuse to feature this duet taken from 2003's Cash Unearthed.

Three absolute musical legends and all sadly no longer with us

Bob Marley & the Wailers - Redemption Song

Johnny Cash (with Joe Strummer) - Redemption Song

Monday, 20 March 2017

Red Star Belgrade

 Bands with the same name as  football teams? Most will come up with St Etienne and at a push The Kaiser Chiefs.
But what of the only Serbian and ex-Yugoslav team ever to have won the European Cup (in 1991) Red Star Belgrade?
From Chapel Hill, North Carolina Red Star Belgrade were an alt country trio founded by one time rock critic Bill Curry
Four albums to their name  they have graced both the Loose and Blue Rose labels.
The second song is taken from Down to the Promised Land - 5 Years of Bloodshot Records. The fact that it will severely annoy fans of AC/DC is a welcome bonus.

Red Star Belgrade - Saddest Girl

Red Star Belgrade - Highway to Hell